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A team dedicated to the skilled maintenance and support of existing systems. 

We ARE dedicated to you

Our mission is to help your building systems work for you.

A proper BMCS project should be considered as the beginning of a long-term relationship based on support and advocacy. AZCS believes that when a customer purchases one of our BMCS Systems, no matter the size, they become part of our service family. We believe they should be trained and supported in every aspect of their systems to their desired levels. We will never hold a system hostage with proprietary designs and locking down administrative rights. We are so invested in the long-term support of the sites we employ a team of 9 fully trained and local professionals. They are backed by a team of 10 additional fully trained technicians working in various positions in our operations team. During normal business hours, we have a dedicated service coordinator who facilitates, tracks and routes all service calls. He assures assistance is provides as efficiently as possible. Our service vans are stocked with common parts and components to attack any challenge head on and avoid unnecessary go-backs.

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